Better ME Better WE Consulting

 Eric Guthrie, Esq., President & CEO, Better ME Better WE provides consulting and domestic and international training on: diversity, human resources, and ethical issues, and methods to market products and services to the diversity community. We also custom design web-based and classroom trainings to address the training needs of any organization.

Eric’s diversity consulting includes the following services:

 ·      Executive Coaching

·      Diversity Metrics

·      Employee Resource Groups/Diversity Councils

·      Domestic and International Diversity Training

·      Diversity Recruiting

·      Diversity Conference Planning and Execution

·      Diversity Policies and Practices

 As Of Counsel for the Robertson Law Group, Eric Guthrie, Esq. in partnership with Alonzo Robertson, Esq. provides legal services in the following areas: labor and employment law, all forms of discrimination and harassment, business law, copyright and trademark law, trusts and estates, contract law, and general practice and criminal law.

“Eric’s ability to navigate, conduct presentations and train staff on complex strategic, legal and ethical considerations has been invaluable to this process. The team and I were impressed with his ability to facilitate the meetings, objectively listen and use his expertise to incorporate our thoughts into the new course. We look forward to working with him in the future to continue training new instructors as we offer a high quality product to the State Department, USAID, the World Bank, military organizations and the many other decision-makers in our community who encounter IHL issues on a regular basis”.

Christie Edwards, Esq.

Director, International Humanitarian Law, American Red Cross

“Eric presented an exceptional training and displayed an excellent knowledge of diversity, employment law and executive communications. Eric’s training set forth a compelling business case for effective managerial communications and embracing diversity. On the strength of his training, presentation, diplomacy and negotiation skills, Eric received an endorsement form the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) and a course code form the Department of State Foreign Service Institute (FSI). It is rare for either department to support outside courses in this manner”.

Randolph Bennett

Director, Residential Design and Cultural Heritage, State Department

“When I was assigned to Bangkok, Thailand as the Director of Training for the East Asia Pacific, South Central Asian and Middle East Regions, I requested Eric to travel to Bangkok to train Valuing Employees (VE) to our local managers. In preparation for Bangkok, Eric spent many weeks studying international labor and employment laws to prepare for the course as the participants would come from the entire region, not just Bangkok. Eric also spent days prior to the VE training in discussions with leaders at the Bangkok Embassy to pinpoint critical employee relation issues in the Embassy. Eric customized VE to address the needs of the audience. On this occasion, Eric not only exhibited excellent presence and presentation skills but Eric adapted his presentation to English as a second language audience”.

Joyce Marshall

Former Director of Training, Asia Regional Training Center; Current Director of Training, Africa, State Department

“Eric provided excellent consulting to our firm on training and presentations. Eric’s experience has been invaluable as he has shown us how to break down complex legal concepts and arguments and present them to our audience in an efficient and effective manner. Eric’s “Five Steps to Success Presentation System”, “Rehearsal Rule of Ten” and “Eight Training Villains” were highly creative and fun training techniques. I highly recommend Eric for any training opportunity”.

Alonzo Robertson

Founder and Partner, The Robertson Law Group